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Ninkiichi 人気

SAKE Name Kuro-Ninki Junmai Ginjo
Ricetype Chiyonishiki
Seimaibuai 60%
Alchohol Content


SAKE Meter Value +3.5
Acidity 1.5
Tasting Notes
“Kuro-Ninki” Junmai Ginjo
Mellow Ginjo-Ka (aroma) with wide, rich flavors of Junmai.
About the KURAMOTO(蔵元の背景について)

We only make Ginjo sake and above.
We hand craft all of our sake.

Traditional Brewing Style × Modern Designed Bottle

Ninki-Sake is a very small brewery in Fukushima, using traditional instruments and brewing styles. We use modern and contemporay labels to give stylish touch to our product. The bottles stand out like art pieces in the modern interior of today’s restaurants and homes.

Details of KURAMOT(蔵元詳細)
Main Brand(主力銘柄) NINKI-ICHI
Kuramoto(会社名) NINKI INC.
Founded(創業) 1897
Address(所在地) 51 Kodakouchi , Nihonmatsu-City , Fukushima-Ken , JAPAN
Brewery Tours(蔵元見学) Reservation necessary
Tel +81-243-23-2091
Fax +81-243-23-2098