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Miyoshikiku 三芳菊

Ricetype Awa-Yamada-nishiki
Seimaibuai 55%
Alchohol Content


SAKE Meter Value +4
Acidity 1.6
Tasting Notes
It is suitable for any dish. Smell such as apples and muskmelons Refreshing tasting.

Ricetype Awa-Yamada-nishiki
Seimaibuai 60%
Alchohol Content


SAKE Meter Value +3
Acidity 1.5
Tasting Notes
Soft mouth hit and It waits and the risked taste. Smell of fresh fruit.
About the KURAMOTO(蔵元の背景について)

The brewery is blessed with clear water and lush green, surrounded by mountains and located in the center of Shikoku at the upstream of the Yoshino River, one of the three largest rivers in Japan. The chilly climate is ideal for sake brewing. Tokushima Prefecture is one of the major production sites of Yamada-nishiki, which is considered the highest quality rice for sake making. We mainly use locally-grown Yamada-nishiki for our sake, Miyoshikiku.

We use spring water from the Matsuo River, underflow water of the Yoshino River. This famous water wells out of a gorge and is extremely soft. Generally speaking, hard water is more suitable for sake brewing but by taking advantage of characteristics soft water has, we have succeeded in making sake that retains natural flavor of water and rice. Our product is genuinely locally-brewed, made from local rice and water and dedication of locals. In 2001, we stopped employing the traditional master brewer system and I, the present owner of the brewery, began to make sake as a master brewer in order to create my ideal sake. Our sake tastes different from traditional dry sake. We sincerely hope you enjoy drinking our sake.

PS Brewing sake is as same as taking care of my children.
The name of two kinds of sake is named by my beloved three daughters.

Miyoshikiku Corporation President and Master Brewer Ryoichiro Mamiya.

Details of KURAMOT(蔵元詳細)
Main Brand(主力銘柄) Miyoshikiku
Kuramoto(会社名) Miyoshikiku Brewery Co.,Ltd


Address(所在地) 1661 Salad , Ikeda-Cho , Miyoshi-City , Tokushima-Ken , JAPAN
Tel +81-883-72-0053
Fax +81-883-72-1158