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Kuroushi 黒牛

SAKE Name Junmai Kuroushi
Ricetype Yamada-nishiki
Seimaibuai Kouji-50% Kake-60%
Alchohol Content


SAKE Meter Value +1
Acidity 1.6
Tasting Notes

For performing both quality and price,Kuroushi adopted Yamadanishiki(the best rice-for Sake) to Koji(malted rice)and Moto(starter).They consist of one forth of total rice amount. The ramain Kake-mai(steamed rice used in main fermentation) is Gohyakumanngoku(an established rice species for Sake).

The rice cleaning in our own factory,washing and steaming by the latest style machine and the complete facilities but in traditional buildings,all are second to the teamwork of trained and talented Kurabito men.And the most important factor is the Kuramoto(owner)'s persistent will for good quality.

The distinctive feature of Kuroushi(jyunmaisyu Sake) is the volume and wideness of the taste and the moderate smooth aloma.It fits with espesially dense taste dishes,Yakitori barbecue,Nabe,Yakizakana(broiled fish) and so on and are available with wide range of temperature from petit cooled 15 to lightly warmed 50 degree Celsius.

About the KURAMOTO(蔵元の背景について)

The brewery is located in Kuroe, known for Japanese lacquer ware production, not far away from Kumano-Kodo (World-Heritage pilgrimage route of ancient times). It takes about one hour and 20 minutes from the Kansai International Airport. Next to the factory are our store and Sake museum.

The factory emphasizes the importance of polishing rice. Our own rice mill is on the premises. It purchases locally-grown rice directly from dedicated contracted farmers.

It produces about 210 KL sake (in terms of 20% alcoholic content), 95% of which is Junmaishu, pure rice wine brewed only with rice and Komekoji (malted rice). Material rice is polished to about 58% of the original in average. It is reduced to merely 35% for Top-class Daiginjo. The sake tastes gentle, mellow, and full bodied. It has a delicate aroma, suitable for dinner tables.

Toji (chief brewer) comes from Tajima, the reputed Toji district, every year. Also we are eager to raise young talented staff trying to be Toji or Kurabito. In 2008, four workers came from Tajima, three of whom were well-trained, and one an apprentice. We’d like 65% of our sake consumed locally in Wakayama, 20% around Tokyo, and 10% around Osaka. We always try to produce quality sake brewed with passion and are dedicated to further improvement.

Details of KURAMOT(蔵元詳細)
Main Brand(主力銘柄) Kuroushi(Black Bull)
Kuramoto(会社名) Nate Shuzoten Co.,Ltd.
Founded(創業) 1866
Address(所在地) 846 Kuroe , Kainan-City , Wakayama-Ken , JAPAN
Brewery Tours(蔵元見学) necessary of reservation by our agent
Tel +81-73-482-0005
Fax +81-73-483-3456