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Kikusui 菊水

SAKE Name Kikusui Junmai Ginjo
Ricetype Yamada-nishiki
Seimaibuai 55%
Alchohol Content


SAKE Meter Value +2
Acidity 1.4
Tasting Notes
KIKUSUI'S #1 INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER !! This sake carries great rich flavor of Junmai, as well as clean, refreshing aftertaste of Ginjo. Crisp and dry with an extremely clean finish. Banana like fruity aroma and clean aftertaste are loved and enjoyed by everybody. The elegant blue bottle is its strongest sales feature.
About the KURAMOTO(蔵元の背景について)

The name originates from a classical Noh song called Kikujido. It’s a story of a mountain hermit who lived for seven hundred years on droplets of dew rolling off chrysanthemum leaves. Legend has it that the water ( 水sui ) from the chrysanthemum ( 菊kiku ) was the source of perpetual youth and longevity.

Nowadays, the retail market brimming with a wide selection of premium goods, consumers are becoming ever more demanding.

Kikusui stops and asks, “What is good Sake for the consumer? What’s good for the sales and the distribution partners? What’s best for the society, and what’s best for the global environment?”

Kikusui Brewery pledges to do the best to provide top quality Sake. Furthermore, the brewery is active to make the Sake world more interesting, by constantly offering pleasures and ideas which will enrich your Sake experience. And this is our answer to what good Sake has to be.

We have introduced programs to promote Sake pleasures for today’s consumers and preserve the art of Sake brewing for the future. Thus in 2004, the KIKUSUI SAKE CULTURE INSTITUTE was established.

There are two main departments in the Institute. First is the Sake Culture Information Reference Room, which helps research and development. It houses a library with thousands of titles covering a wide range of topics from human science to natural science, as well as a vast archive of research data. In an adjoining room is a collection of artifacts which depict the history of sake drinking habits.

The second department is the Setsugoro Gura Sake Brewery, where the most premium Daiginjo Sake is brewed. In addition to conducting R & D, it serves as an important education center where the oldest of the hand-crafted brewing arts are passed on to the younger generation of brewers.

Details of KURAMOT(蔵元詳細)
Main Brand(主力銘柄) Kikusui
Kuramoto(会社名) Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd.
Founded(創業) 1881
Address(所在地) 750 Shimagata , Shibata-City , Niigata-Ken , JAPAN
Brewery Tours(蔵元見学) Not open to public.
Tel +81-254-24-5111
Fax +81-254-23-5255