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Kiku-masamune 菊正宗

Ricetype Nihonbare , Gohyakumangoku
Seimaibuai 73%
Alchohol Content


SAKE Meter Value +5
Acidity 1.1
Tasting Notes
TARU SAKE 720ML(TOKUSEN JUNMAI) : TARU SAKE is characterized by its refreshing taste and the wooden aroma of "Yoshino Cedar". This is aged in a cask and bottled when the cedar aroma is best for drinking. It has been exporting since 35years ago and our main strong item for KIKU-MASAMUNE.. This sake is best served chilled. And you can also drink it at room temperature. For meals to go, we recommend to enjoy with oily dishes like "Kara-age", "Unagi-no-kabayaki" etc. TARU SAKE also goes well even with Chinese dishes or Japanese traditional snacks. And more, it goes well with grilled dishes like"Yaki-tori"etc.
About the KURAMOTO(蔵元の背景について)

KIKU-MASAMUNE SAKE BREWING CO., LTD. has been brewing "mainstream dry" sake in accordance with the motto, Quality first, for the past 350 years, ever since the foundation of our brewery in 1659. The company is one of the major breweries which still use the "Kimoto" method in sake brewing. Along with the skillful techniques of Toji (sake master brewer) from famed Tanba district, the Miya Mizu water, and special sake rice called Yamada-nishiki, KIKU-MASAMUNE has kept its position as Japan's top sake brand for a long time.

We now export our sake world-wide, including U.S.A., Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Europe and Australia, providing the authentic taste of sake to as many people as possible in the world. Now, thanks to the international popularity of Japanese food like sushi, the sake consumption is also increasing, especially in foreign countries. Under these circumstances, KIKU-MASAMUNE hopes to play an important role in mediating between the domestic market and foreign markets in various ways by exporting our best quality "Karakuchi"(dry) sake, backed by our Quality first policy.

Details of KURAMOT(蔵元詳細)
Main Brand(主力銘柄) Kiku-masamune
Kuramoto(会社名) Kiku-masamune Sake Brewing Co.,Ltd
Founded(創業) 1659
Address(所在地) 1-7-5 Mikagehommachi , Higashi-Nada-Ku , Kobe-City , Hyogo-Ken , JAPAN
Tel +81-78-851-0001
Fax +81-78-854-1001